The Adventures of Ole & Lena – If You Don’t Like the Weather Wait 5 Minutes

I awoke this morning to the sound of raindrops on the roof, managed to open my eyes a crack and saw that it was a dark and cloudy day, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  By the time I raised my consciousness to the surface again, it was all of 9:30.  Can’t remember the last time I’ve slept that late – but then Sturgis, even with the roar of motorcycle engines starting at 6 a.m., is still a pretty relaxing place.  By the time all of us were up and moving the sun was shining and the humidity was rising. 

Dave’s brother, Dan, from Nebraska, arrived with a friend last night.  Today was planned to show them around a bit and put a few miles on, so we headed on down the highway, stopped for lunch in Lead and then headed south.  We had intended to have lunch at the Stamp Mill Cafe in Lead, which has always been one of our favorite places, but upon our arrival we discovered that it was CLOSED!!.  Empty – bare bones – nonfunctional, as were a number of businesses on that street.  It seems as though since the Homestake Gold Mine was closed a couple of years ago the business economy of Lead has really been on a downslide.  Oh, well, we just went across the street to Sparkie’s, which is new in town and had some really good burgers.

Then we proceeded south to make a big circle and end up back in Sturgis.  We got about half way round the circle and had to stop – had to put on long-sleeved t-shirts as it was getting pretty cloudy and chilling down.  A few more miles down the road it was stop again and slink into leather vests as the temps were still falling.  A couple more miles and it was jackets.  Then as we went over a hill and around a corner Ole’s Rain Detector (bald head) detected rain drops and before we could find a place to pull off his Rain Detector was in full alarm.  We all stopped long enough to don rain gear and chaps and take a good look farther down the road, determining that if we kept going forward we just might turn into some real soggy doggies.  So we made the decision to turn around and go back.  In less than a mile we were out of the rain and back into the sunshine so it was shed all these garments, layer by layer until we’re back into t-shirts again.  But that’s the way it is in the Blackhills at this time of year.  If you don’t like the weather, either wait 5 minutes and it may blow over or drive another mile down the road – it might get better and it might get a lot worse.  Doesn’t matter – you’re taking your chances either way.  To my knowledge there’s only been one fatality so far in this year’s rally, and that was a guy that was struck by lightening and killed when he was riding his bike.  The storms down here are nothing to fool around with – they really mean business when they start with their lightening and thunder. 

Here’s a few more treats to tweak your interest.  If you want to view a larger version of the image, just click on the picture.


We’re headed into Sturgis this evening to do more people watching so I’ll have more to report tomorrow. 

Lena, signing off.


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